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A travel interpreter accompanies foreign dignitaries and business people to trade fairs or on personal business trips. The interpreter provides interpretation for all aspects of the trip.
M.I.T. provides flexible interpretation services where you need them, when you need them, as long as you need them. Interpreters are available to travel in Europe, Asia, and the US.
The mode of interpretation is usually consecutive (i.e., the interpreter takes notes as the person speaks and interprets from those notes at regular intervals during the speech).


Business interpreters interpret for trade delegations or during international business negotiations. The business interpreter acts as an intermediary between the speaker and the listener. In small groups, the interpreter listens to the speaker and translates face to face after a short interval. The interpreter is required to translate to and from both languages during business meetings.
Conference interpreters provide services from isolated areas using earphones and microphones to reach conference attendees, who are also listening through earphones. Conference interpreting is usually done using simultaneous interpretation.   
M.I.T. provides business and conference interpretation services personalized for your needs: international trade fairs, business meetings, private buyer trips, and business appointments.

Medical Interpreter Services

Medical interpreter services help patients communicate with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. They provide language services to health care patients with limited English proficiency, interpreting routine consultations with health care personnel, for minor hospital procedures, emergency procedures, and other health-related situations.
M.I.T. offers flexible interpretation services for your medical needs. We provide excellent medical interpretation services with US-certified linguists trained in HIPAA, California best practices,  and national best practices.

Court Interpreter 

Court interpreters interpret information from one language into another for the court systems. They work with lawyers, witnesses, and defendants to relay information for depositions, hearings, and other court cases.
M.I.T. offers services through certified court interpreters who provide an excellent interpretation service for your court dates. We provide flexible interpretation service and we are available to travel in the US.

Conference Call Interpretation &

 Over-the-phone Interpretation

Over-the-phone interpretation services interpret spoken messages from one language into another. However, an interpreter is more than an on-demand or simultaneous interpreter. An interpreter also acts as a linguistic and cultural bridge between speaker and listener.

M.I.T.’s over-the-phone services are available for US local phone numbers, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google Voice International phone conference calls.


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