Mirror Interpretation Todorova focuses on providing transparent communication through excellent interpretation services interpreting the meaning of your words. We believe that by eliminating intercultural and language barriers, our service can elevate your communication to a higher level.By lending you our voice, we offer you positivity and enthusiasm to better express your needs and interests.

Our mission is to provide you with personalized service to help you further and enrich your business goals.

We help our customers hesitate to realize their business goals and find better solutions for their needs.

M.I.T believes that your words make up the bridges you build to help you reach future possibilities through which you can extend your business and be more successful.
Although we project positivity and enthusiasm, we focus on transmitting your message’s meaning exactly without omitting, editing, or changing its content.
Our motto is: “Transparent Communication of Your Words in Your World.”


Motto: Transparent Communication of Your Words in Your World

M.I.T. represents the highest standards of quality. We deliver outstanding performances and try to create a post-worthy effect for our partners and customers because we invest time and energy in the following ways:

Training, assessment, and setting national standards and best-practice protocols.

We listen to your suggestions and recommendations

We provide flexible service options with effective and easy communication.

We personalize our services for your needs, with special strategies to help you find what you seek in the international market.

We communicate directly with you and work for you, and we are your employee and your coworker and colleague; during our collaboration, we become part of your team and your company.

Mirror Interpretation Todorova is a  business that provides interpretation services. Our goal is to provide efficient communication between two words: that of our client and that of our client’s conversation partner. 

We use the serotonin molecule as our logo because serotonin is a biological transmitter only, and the main role of the interpreter is to transmit only the information that the two speakers communicate with absolute impartiality and transparency.

M.I.T represents transparency and communication of the meaning of the message you wish to convey in the target language. M.I.T uses your own words as much as possible and expresses the meaning of your message in the target language without omitting, adding, or changing anything. 


The acronym “MIT” the Meaning

The acronym of the trade name “M.I.T” also has another meaning.  In the Bulgarian language, the “Мит” or “MIT” means an ancient tale of legendary hero’s or gods of nature or historical events and personalities. The word “MIT” in the Bulgarian culture is related to the old ancient Greek stories and narratives.

Figuratively, in the Bulgarian language, it can mean fiction or an incredible or unbelievable story.  This word can be interpreted in the magical sense.  If you narrate a myth, it could translate to explain something magical and mystical to unravel some fascinating fantastic story.

The word “Myth” has ancient Greek origins and “μῦθος”- mythos.  Myth is a folklore genre consisting of narratives that play a fundamental role in society such as foundational tales.  Myths often consist of sacred narratives about Gods but with time the meaning evolves and can include many.

Mythology is an ancient Greek word meaning the summary of myths, legends and stories and is also a science that studies myths.  It contains two base words, “μυθολογία, μῦθος” – ancient tale, narrow and “λόγος” – science knowledge words.  The term mythology may either refer to the study of myths in general, or a body of myths regarding a particular subject.

The company, “Mirror Interpretation Todorova” decided to use the abbreviation of “M.I.T” to associate the company with history and the idea that one day there will be a story, something to be narrated by our services.  We want to connect ancient words with the idea that one day we are going to be part of the story that others like to narrate.  M.I.T. decided to use the Bulgarian spelling of the word because the founder of the company is Bulgarian. 



The company’s image is represented by its logo: a chemical representation of the serotonin molecule the letters ‘M,’ ‘I,’ and ‘T’ (Mirror Interpretation Todorova) replace the symbols for the neurotransmitter’s constituent chemicals. “Mirror” represents the transparency and professionalism of our services; “Interpretation” represents the service our company provides, spoken interpretation of one language in another, and “Todorova” is the company owner’s legal name.

The neurotransmitter serotonin is often called the “happiness hormone” because it  promotes a positive mood and feelings of well-being and contentment. Like serotonin, an interpreter is a “transmitter” of information that serves as a communication channel between two people who speak different languages. Although an interpreter transmits information through language rather than nervous impulse, he or she serves as a source of well-being.Both serotonin and an interpreter help regulate your mood naturally. Serotonin has some cognitive functions, including memory and learning. Modulation of serotonin at synapses is thought to be a major action of several classes of pharmacological antidepressants. When your serotonin levels are normal, you feel happier, calmer, more focused, less anxious, and more emotionally stable. The role of the interpreter is to provide interpretation services without adding, omitting, or changing the meaning and the content of the information. Interpreting is efficient only through excellent memory and learning ability. It requires key resources of concentration and appropriate social behavior that incorporates respect for the privacy and culture of other humans. The transparent communication implemented by the interpreter helps regulate the anxiety of both communicating parties, enabling them to experience a good mood and providing them with happiness. Interpretation helps people in a new environment feel calmer; they are understood, focused on their success, and emotionally stable because they have solved their problems thanks to the interpreter’s role as a transmitter of information.


Social responsibility means individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty; the actions of an individual must benefit society. In this way, economic growth must be balanced with the welfare of society and the environment. If this equilibrium is maintained, then social responsibility is accomplished. Moral values inherent in society create a distinction between right and wrong. In this way, social fairness is believed to be in the “right,” but more frequently than not this “fairness” is absent. Every individual has a responsibility to act in a manner that is beneficial to society and not solely to the individual.  link here!

M.I.T supports numerous donation activities, providing immediate help to people in need. The company donates 10 percent of its profit to help foster homes and fight poverty. 

M.I.T is interested in supporting different humanitarian projects and ecological projects and missions such as cleaning and preventing the pollution of parks, rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. 


The Company Today

M.I.T. is a small start-up based in Denver, Colorado. We provide daily over-the-phone services throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. M.I.T employees interact daily with professionals in the medical, financial, banking, legal, government, and non-profit sectors.  

M.I.T.’s interpreters are based in Italy and the US.


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