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The acronym “MIT” the Meaning

The acronym of the trade name “M.I.T” also has another meaning.  In the Bulgarian language, the “Мит” or “MIT” means an ancient tale of legendary hero’s or gods of nature or historical events and personalities. The word “MIT” in the Bulgarian culture is related to the old ancient Greek stories and narratives.

Figuratively, in the Bulgarian language, it can mean fiction or an incredible or unbelievable story.  This word can be interpreted in the magical sense.  If you narrate a myth, it could translate to explain something magical and mystical to unravel some fascinating fantastic story.

The word “Myth” has ancient Greek origins and “μῦθος”- mythos.  Myth is a folklore genre consisting of narratives that play a fundamental role in society such as foundational tales.  Myths often consist of sacred narratives about Gods but with time the meaning evolves and can include many.

Mythology is an ancient Greek word meaning the summary of myths, legends and stories and is also a science that studies myths.  It contains two base words, “μυθολογία, μῦθος” – ancient tale, narrow and “λόγος” – science knowledge words.  The term mythology may either refer to the study of myths in general, or a body of myths regarding a particular subject.

The company, “Mirror Interpretation Todorova” decided to use the abbreviation of “M.I.T” to associate the company with history and the idea that one day there will be a story, something to be narrated by our services.  We want to connect ancient words with the idea that one day we are going to be part of the story that others like to narrate.  M.I.T. decided to use the Bulgarian spelling of the word because the founder of the company is Bulgarian. 

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